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Rose Water Syrup - Ayurveda Summer drink

By Renee Riviera - Ayurveda practitioner on 10 July 2012

During summer it is advised to drink cooling liquids. However cooling does not mean cold drinks. When you drink ice-cold drinks, your digestive fire (also known as Agni) will have to work harder. This is why ice-cold drinks are heat increasing and should be taken in moderation especially during summer. Rose petals have cooling qualities and in Ayurveda are renowned for cooling down the mind and body. Taking in the sweet perfume of roses, gardenia, jasmine is a wonderful way of using the sense of smell to balance the heat within us. The rose takes away the heat from the urinary system, is an anti-inflammatory agent, is an antidepressant, laxative, aphrodisiac, nourishes the nerves and is useful in nervous depression and anxiety, good for ulcers, acidity and also has an affinity for the blood in clearing the excess heat. This fragrant flower is also useful in treating excessive menstrual bleeding, vaginal infections and inflammation. This drink will sooth your senses and cool you off.

Wash the petals in cold water and soak in hot water overnight. The next morning, squeeze out the petals. Strain the water into a pot.
Put the 1/2 cup of water in a pot, add the sugar and heat until the sugar is dissolved. Add this syrup to the strained rose water. You now have rose syrup concentrate. You may add this concentrate to water according to your taste. Also try it with warmed (almond/rice) milk.
It will help you sleep like a baby.

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